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We are working 7 days a week, at 17.00-21.00 (Moscow time)
For its collection Art Gallery "ArtPanorama"
buys paintings of Russian painters of 19th and 20th centuries.
You can send your suggestions and photos of paintings to the Email address: ,
or via MMS, or contact us by phone:
+7(903) 509 83 86 .
You can also send the photo of the painting you want to sell by filling in the form on the website

To sell a painting

If you want

to sell paintings by Russian artists

of the 19th or 20th centuries, you can do it in our gallery.

You can only

sell the original painting or drawing

as we buy only original ones and not reproductions.

Selling a picture in Moscow

is most easily done in the gallery "ArtPanorama". We buy and sell antique works of Soviet-known and lesser-known artists whose works are also included in the collections of regional and metropolitan museums in the country.

private galleries in Moscow

are engaged in buying paintings, but with us you will get the most favorable price as well as considerate and professional approach.
Please note that the "ArtPanorama" gallery is a great place for the sale of paintings of Soviet artists. You can offer us masters of all genres and movements. We are particularly interested in buying rare paintings that are known only to collectors and art critics from publications. Where can you sell a painting with greatest profit? At the gallery "ArtPanorama"!
You can ask a question about the sale of paintings by famous artists or about offering a picture to the gallery
by phone:
+7(903) 509 83 86
or by e-mail:
You can offer a painting also by
filling out a form on the web site,
or by sending an offer via MMS at +7(903) 509 83 86

It is also possible for an assessment specialist or a master to visit your house.
The offers and photos can be sent by filling out the form.
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