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We are working 7 days a week, at 17.00-21.00 (Moscow time)
For its collection Art Gallery "ArtPanorama"
buys paintings of Russian painters of 19th and 20th centuries.
You can send your suggestions and photos of paintings to the Email address: ,
or via MMS, or contact us by phone:
+7(903) 509 83 86 .
You can also send the photo of the painting you want to sell by filling in the form on the website

Buy a Painting

We are pleased that you have decided to do the serious step of buying a painting. In the Gallery "ArtPanorama" everything is designed for your convenience. Buying a decent painting for your collection in Moscow is now possible without any difficulties. We sell paintings by Russian artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.
For the beginning, you can get acquainted with the virtual gallery of the web site and determine what genre or movement you are most interested in. Please note that you can purchase

paintings of Soviet artists

and those of artists of earlier time, by contacting the staff of the gallery.

Investing in art

It is possible

to buy low priced painting

for home decor anywhere. But where can you buy

painting for investment?

Our gallery offers that opportunity. Based on your budget, select a section with prices most suitable for you.
We advise you to pay attention to the original paintings that are the most suitable for your collection. We do not sell reproductions.

To choose your final purchase you will most probably need to visit our gallery personally and see the paintings <>. You can choose a series of interesting paintings online in our web site sitting in the comfortable environment of your home and then view these in the gallery "ArtPanorama".
If you see the button "buy painting", next to the painting that you liked than just press it. You will find all the technical characteristics of the painting and the form that you must fill in order to buy it.
Enter the required information and click on the button "Submit".
In a short time, one of our staff members will contact and tell you how to make your purchase.

You can also call us at phone number +7 (903) 799-13-28 and arrange a personal meeting in the gallery to purchase works at a time of the day that is convenient for you.
If you have any doubt about the accuracy of choice and the value of the work for your collection, the art critic of "ArtPanorama" will be happy to consult you in finding a suitable painting. Our collection consists of works of 19th – 20th centuries,

Soviet artists paintings

. Sale of paintings and their search for your collection is an important task for the gallery.
If the buyer has a wish gallery carries out expertise of paintings at famous expertise centers and at private experts at the expense of the buyer. You can frame a painting yourself by contacting the framing workshops.
If you are in another city, you can find out

how to buy a picture in Moscow

using our contact data.

We wish you pleasant and valuable purchases!

If you have any questions, please contact the specialists of the gallery by the phone number +7 (903) 799-13-28.
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