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Exposition : 1940-1950th
Soviet painting. Capture the era and give it shape in the next generation - a noble , yet important task. To do this, there are many forms in literature and art. The most difficult and also the most accessible to a broad understanding of the genre of art is painting. For the image of modern painter requires extraordinary sense of reality , a sharp eye , a huge selection of immaculately detailed material passing before his eyes , the truth of the image. Era - is not only a sketch of cities, buildings , individual parts. To truly show era , it is necessary to show how many people who worked at that time , people of different classes, strata. And not just to create their portraits and depict a man in action. The artist , the higher the generalization of his work that are typical of a particular time. The more of these generalizations , so they are higher, the more truth in the image of modernity. The artist, therefore, is not only a painter but also a historian , from which we are entitled to demand the historical truth.
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"" 1955г., Oil, Canvas
44,5 x 90
150,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Roses." 1952г., Oil, Canvas on plywood
50 x 70
350,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"At a construction site" 1958г., Oil, Cardboard
35 x 30
55,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Mother and child. Indonesia." 1959г., Oil, Cardboard
44,5 x 31
75,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Barrels of fuel" 1958г., Oil, Cardboard
50 x 35
65,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Novodevichy Convent." 1959г., Oil, Canvas
40 x 60
65,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Moscow tram 46." 1952г., Pastel, Paper
43 x 31
16,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"On a walk." 1950г., Oil, Canvas
80 x 120
450,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Minsk. Victory Square." 1953г., Oil, Canvas
65 x 98
reserve to 01/17/18
"Demonstration" 1950г., Oil,
40 x 60
850,000 Rub. Buy Painting
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Aleksey Tarasovich Gaponenko "Weaver."
Gaponenko A. T.
Aleksey Tarasovich Gaponenko "Cleaning potatoes."
Gaponenko A. T.
"Cleaning potatoes."
Georgy Iosifovich Rublev "Still life."
Rublev G. I.
"Still life."
Viktor Vladimirovich Shcherbinin "Leningrad."
Shcherbinin V. V.
Viktor Vladimirovich Shcherbinin "Moscow. Motor racers. Ring race."
Shcherbinin V. V.
"Moscow. Motor racers. Ring race."
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