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Exposition : 1900-1930th
Interest in Russian - Soviet art of the first third of this century , particularly increased in recent years, logical. This is due to the fact that a huge cultural layer , which served as a direct basis for the creation and development of contemporary Soviet art , in their internal communications and large-scale comparisons known to us far less than , say, the art of the second half of the nineteenth century. It is obvious that many of the processes occurring in our art today are an extension of the phenomena of the artistic life of the 20s and especially the 30s. Today the art of 20-30s seems to us a set of well- known masters of creativity. "Leadership" they no doubt wherever they created their works : Group whether the " Union of Russian Artists " or " World of Art" , in societies whether " AHRR ", " Genesis ", " Four Arts ", " Knife " or . Their legacy is the backbone of the living process which participants were dozens and dozens of artists, and half -forgotten , without the knowledge of creativity which the cultural life of the time looks scheme. Now is the time of the public display of their works , careful and thorough study of all the artistic process as it relates to the steps in the life of the country , the revolution and civil war , and the recovery period , especially the first five years.
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"March in the village." 1938г., Oil, Canvas on cardboard
41 x 52,5
10,000 $$ Buy Painting
"An ancient temple in Gudauta." 1932г., Watercolor, Paper
28,5 x 40
10,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Spring." 1913г., Oil, Canvas
105 x 85
25,000 $$ Buy Painting
"Gudauty." 1932г., Watercolor, Paper
13,5 x 40,5
12,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"In an Aeroport. Expect the flight." 1935г., Watercolor, Paper
28 x 36
3,800 $$ Buy Painting
"Mountain peak." 1939г., Oil, Canvas on cardboard
20 x 30
15,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Tree in the mountains" 1938г., Oil, Canvas on cardboard
20 x 30
10,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Bear hunting." 1900-е гг., Oil, Canvas on cardboard
21 x 34
95,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Landscape." 1900г., Oil, Canvas on cardboard
20 x 30
105,000 Rub. Buy Painting
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Nikolay Yakovlevich Sitnikov (Kanitkin) "Autumn morning on the Nemunas"
Sitnikov (Kanitkin) N. Y.
"Autumn morning on the Nemunas"

Georgy Aleksandrovich Leman "Kiev"
Leman G. A.
Yekaterina Sergeyevna Zernova "Tulips"
Zernova Y. S.
Yekaterina Sergeyevna Zernova "Still life with an orange sugar bowl"
Zernova Y. S.
"Still life with an orange sugar bowl"
Vasily Yakovlevich Sitnikov "Landscape"
Sitnikov V. Y.
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