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Exhibitions : Realism
The virtual exhibition \ "Socialist Realism \" introduces us to the paintings of artists of the Soviet period, the period of the USSR. \ R \ nSocialist realism (socialist realism) - the artistic method of literature and art (leading in the art of the Soviet Union and other socialist countries), representing the aesthetic expression of the socialistically conscious the concept of peace and man, conditioned by the era of the struggle for the establishment and creation of a socialist society. The image of life ideals under socialism determines the content and basic artistic and structural principles of art. Its emergence and development are associated with the spread of socialist ideas in different countries, with the development of the revolutionary working-class movement.
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"Waiting for the helicopter." 1987г., Oil, Canvas
130 x 130
5,000 $$ Buy Painting
"Portrait of General ." 1950-1960-е гг., Oil, Canvas
112 x 89
350,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Portrait of an unknown ." 1950-е гг., Oil, Canvas
111 x 80
45,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Mentor ." 1950-е гг., Oil, Canvas
128 x 100
250,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Velodrome ." 1960-е гг., Tempera, Cardboard
44 x 53
55,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Collection of cotton ." 1958г., Oil, Cardboard
50 x 70
45,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"No title" 1950-е гг., Oil, Canvas
71 x 107
7,000 $$ Buy Painting
"Construction of hydroelectric power plants." 1960-е гг., Oil, Cardboard
30 x 40
12,000 Rub. Buy Painting
private collection
"Red Square." 1980г., Oil, Canvas
70 x 100
450,000 Rub. Buy Painting
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Tatyana Aleksandrovna Dekhtereva "The Night Kremlin"
Dekhtereva T. A.
"The Night Kremlin"

Grigory Sretensky "In the cowshed"
Sretensky G.
"In the cowshed"

Nikolay Aleksandrovich Sysoyev "Arable land"
Sysoyev N. A.
"Arable land"

Olga Sergeyevna Malyutina "Landscape"
Malyutina O. S.
Konstantin Borisovich Nazarov "Fishermen. Port of Vladimir"
Nazarov K. B.
"Fishermen. Port of Vladimir"
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