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Exhibitions : Realism
Definition from the point of view of official ideology. For the first time the official definition of socialist realism is given in the Charter of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics adopted at the First Congress of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: "Socialist realism, being the main method of Soviet fiction and literary criticism, demands from the artist a truthful, historically concrete image in its revolutionary development. And the truthfulness and historical concreteness of the artistic depiction of reality should be combined with the task of ideological alteration and education in the spirit of socialism. "\ R \ nThis definition was the starting point for all further interpretations right up to the 80s. \ R \ n" Socialist realism is profound vital, scientific and most advanced artistic method, developed as a result of the successes of socialist construction and education of Soviet people in the spirit of communism. The principles of socialist realism ... were the further development of the Leninist teaching on the partisanship of literature. "(Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 1947). \ r \ nLenin as follows expressed the idea that art should stand on the side of the proletariat: \ r \ n "Art belongs to the people. The deepest springs of art can be found among a wide class of working people ... Art must be based on their feelings, thoughts and demands and must grow with them. " \ r \ nPrinciples of Socialist Realism. \ r \ nNation. This meant both the comprehensibility of literature for the common people, and the use of popular speech and proverbs. \ R \ nIdeynost. Show the peaceful life of the people, the search for ways to a new, better life, heroic deeds for the purpose of achieving a happy life for all people. \ R \ nCertainty. In the depiction of reality, to show the process of historical development, which in turn must correspond to the materialist understanding of history (in the process of changing the conditions of one's being, people change their consciousness, attitude to the surrounding reality). \ R \ nAs the definition in the Soviet textbook meant, the method implied the use of heritage world realistic art, but not as a simple imitation of great models, but with a creative approach. "The method of socialist realism predetermines the deep connection between works of art and contemporary reality, the active participation of art in socialist construction. The tasks of the method of socialist realism require from each artist a true understanding of the meaning of events occurring in the country, the ability to evaluate the phenomena of social life in their development, and the complex dialectical interaction. "The method included the unity of realism and Soviet romance, combining heroic and romantic with" a realistic statement of the true truth of the surrounding reality. " It was argued that in this way the humanism of "critical realism" was supplemented by "socialist humanism". \ R \ nThe state gave orders, sent to creative business trips, organized exhibitions - thus stimulating the development of the required layer of art. The idea of ​​a "social order" is part of socialist realism.
Gennady Vasilyevich Filatov "HEPS"
Filatov G. V.

Irina Ivanovna Vitman "Still life with a jug and fruit"
Vitman I. I.
"Still life with a jug and fruit"

Zuleyka Aleksandrovna Bazhbeuk - Melikova "Rural landscape in Armenia"
Bazhbeuk - Melikova Z. A.
"Rural landscape in Armenia"

Olga Grigoryevna Svetlichnaya "Winter landscape"
Svetlichnaya O. G.
"Winter landscape"

Gennady Vasilyevich Filatov "New buildings of the city of Togliatti"
Filatov G. V.
"New buildings of the city of Togliatti"

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