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Exhibitions : Children's Reading.
Illustrations in books and magazines - one of the most popular types of fine art. Us from childhood surrounded by picture books. Everyone routinely meets with illustrations of different nature in the technical, artistic , educational , scientific and popular literature. In the USSR , where the classics and contemporary writers published in huge numbers hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of copies, has acquired an important illustration of public importance. \ r \ nNaznachenie illustration - artistically expressive display of ideas and images of a literary work. Illustration of an emotional impact on the reader as much as literary images. Illustration than perfect, the greater the impression it makes on a person forms his thoughts and feelings. The illustrations should be merged , monolithic, logically suitable cognitive and aesthetic aspects. In the literature are usually not acceptable purely cognitive deprived plastics neobraznye illustration. Illustration in fiction, naturalistic reproducing an image object will inevitably formalistic , unnecessary and harmful. Speaking about the cognitive value of illustrations in certain scientific and technical works , it must be emphasized that the elements of art, is to identify the most important , significant elements of the artistic image must be present in these illustrations. The deeper illustrator penetrates the intention of the writer than thoughtful reveals his idea , the more durable it will be images of illustrations.
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"Open the calendar begins in January." 1969г., Mixed media, Cardboard
23 x 33
85,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"All the year round." 1969г., Mixed media, Cardboard
25 x 33
85,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Good Squirrel." 1971г., Mixed media, Cardboard
25 x 33
15,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Cot belchonka." 1971г., Mixed media, Cardboard
25 x 32,8
"Dr. Cote graduated bypass." 1971г., Mixed media, Cardboard
25 x 33
15,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"Bear ill." 1971г., Mixed media, Cardboard
24,8 x 32,8
15,000 Rub. Buy Painting
"And cut nose and paws, even scratched the needle" 1971г., Mixed media, Cardboard
25 x 32,8
20,000 Rub. Buy Painting
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Nataliya Igorevna Nesterova "Yaroslavl"
Nesterova N. I.

Igor Pavlovich Rubinsky "No title"
Rubinsky I. P.
"No title"

 Neizvestny khudozhnik "70 years of the first Russian revolution"
Neizvestny khudozhnik
"70 years of the first Russian revolution"

Georgy Eduardovich Satel "Morning shift Sormovo"
Satel G. E.
"Morning shift Sormovo"

Tatyana Aleksandrovna Dekhtereva "The Night Kremlin"
Dekhtereva T. A.
"The Night Kremlin"

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