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Exhibitions : Children's Reading.
Revealing literary images of the book into a visual image in accordance with the intention of the writer , illustrator must treat them with a modern point of view. So , artists Kukryniksy , illustrating Gogol's "Portrait" , came true , reflecting realistic moments of the work, almost touching the mystical available in the story. \ r \ nSila and vitality illustrations artists Agin , Peter Sokolov and Boklevskogo to " Dead Souls " H. B. Gogol is that they correctly understood the social significance of "dead souls" and earnestly investigated and studied the images of actors ( Chichikov Nozdryov , Sobakevich and others) knew well depicted by era and had great artistic skill , allowing them to freely and naturally capture in . \ r \ nTolko directly involved in life, it gives professionals an understanding of reality that they need and without which inevitably lag behind the era. The artist must not withdraw into his workshop. Art director and graphic artist to be versatile educated , largely encyclopaedists who know life deeply , in its many manifestations , study it visually. Careful observation and continuous sketches reality for illustrators are essential. Knowledge era, facial features , technology suit the situation , the landscape may be limited to the genre of the artist - illustrator only relatively , because without extensive , diverse knowledge artist difficult to acquire a breadth of vision , farsightedness , it is difficult to correctly reflect in graphics images of people and events, and to express their attitude . Illustrators need to perform a multitude of drawings , sketches with facial features , landscape , environment , profound study of the era and its people listed in a literary work , and , most importantly, free plastic acquisition of literacy and technology of fine art, without which it is impossible to create a highly valuable illustrations . Passage of the classical realist school of drawing , fluency in perspective, anatomy , and especially plastic composite and plastic products for artist- illustrator absolutely necessary. Only a well- wielding figure, pencil, pen , brush, freely expressing their thoughts artistic material , illustrator can achieve expression, persuasiveness and power of images , otherwise the illustrations will be inexpressive , pale, little catchy. \ r \ nFor book illustrator needed knowledge of the printing industry and , in particular, the technique of reproduction of the originals in print. This knowledge will require study of the theory and practice mainly printing, which is important in learning specialists. Illustrator and designer should love , appreciate and know the literature , especially Russian and Soviet , because without love for the book is hard to imagine the positive results of the art editor and illustrator. It is difficult to give a holistic artwork, in which literary content , binding , cover, set the title , graphic decorations and illustrations to fully disclose to the idea of ​​the book. Soviet illustration of the best in the world in terms of content and artistic form. Our country knows and loves the work of artists : C. Gerasimov , Kukryniksov , B. Prorokova , A. Goncharova, H. Zhukov. E. Kibrik , D. Shmarinov , B. Degtereva , D. Dubinsky. Among young talented illustrators , it should be noted creativity H. Sheberstov , B. Basov , H. Ponomarev In. Minaeva , D. Min'kova , Yu. Rainer , B. Tsigal. A number of publishers are experienced artists and editors and designers of books, which the Soviet book illustration and owe. Books and magazines of the country with fine art and typographical must be provided with \ r \ n high-quality art illustration. \ r \ Nt. T. Goroshchenko lecture \ " illustration , poster \".
Leonid Ivanovich Petrushin "For the common cause of the soul burn! Confidently, boldly dare and create!"
Petrushin L. I.
"For the common cause of the soul burn! Confidently, boldly dare and create!"

Nikolay Nikolayevich Gorlov "Hotel Ukraine"
Gorlov N. N.
"Hotel Ukraine"
 Neizvestny khudozhnik "Portrait of a Lady"
Neizvestny khudozhnik
"Portrait of a Lady"
Adolf Yevgenyevich Alekseyev "Tanker"
Alekseyev A. Y.

Grigory Sretensky "Ham"
Sretensky G.
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