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Rodova Yelena Ilinichna
Rodova Yelena Ilinichna (1903 - 1986)
Elena Rodova (1903-1986), a painter, in 1929 graduated from the Art-Technical Institute ofthe Soviet Union from P. Falk’s class. She is a member of the Artist’s Union from its very beginning. The Tretjakov Gallery, Tbilisi Picture Gallery, many private collections in Russia, Horvatia, Chekhia, Italy, Venezuela contain her works.  Being very midest the artist had a great gift of a cordial generosity, diffusing on all social surroundings and her character, not making compromises with official ideology, that was so often peculiar to the representatives of her generation.  A sincere admiration with a subject of picturing comes out first and foremost in the artist’s landscapes, portraits and still lives. She has a gift to see the wonderful in the ordinary and to bring it to a spectator. Her works litterally charm an attentive connoisseur, make us see the word in a new way and think over this day in a sense of eternity of existence.  The pictures are made in a wonderful color. Elena Rodova is a master of color. In her palette she uses all possiblities from pale pearl shades to deep rich colors. Plane air studies, marked with an inimitable charm, are the real masterpieces of impressionistic painting. They continuously delight the specialists and admirers of Elena Rodova’s art.  Unfortunately, only after her death the artist was widely  recognized.  
Aleksandr Ivanovich Sakhanov "Field. On the land of the Virgin."
Sakhanov A. I.
"Field. On the land of the Virgin."

Sergey Vasilyevich Gerasimov "Battle of Borodino. Kutuzov on the battlefield."
Gerasimov S. V.
"Battle of Borodino. Kutuzov on the battlefield."

Olga Sergeyevna Malyutina "Landscape"
Malyutina O. S.
Anatoly Mikhaylovich Titov "The policeman."
Titov A. M.
"The policeman."
 Neizvestny khudozhnik "Yaroslavl"
Neizvestny khudozhnik
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