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For its collection Art Gallery "ArtPanorama"
buys paintings of Russian painters of 19th and 20th centuries.
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ArtPanorama - Fine Art Gallery (Moscow)

ArtPanorama, Russian Fine Art Gallery
The collection of Paintings and Graphics in the gallery ArtPanorama (in Moscow) is well-known for its high artistic level, its own style, notably due to its composition and is of historical and cultural interest.
Having evolved over a decade, the gallery contains a collection of over 300 works, and has an impressive list of more than 100 painters, which is being constantly updated. It is based on the works created by the artists of the late ninetieth to the third quarter of the twentieth century.
In the focus of interest of the gallery are the works of the Itinerants, representatives of academic painting and artists that were members of "Union of Russian Artists", "World of Art" and some other art associations at the beginning of the 20th century. In the collection of the gallery there is a small, but artistically interesting group of paintings by artists of 1930s, the so-called "Silent Avant-garde".
The core of the collection is composed of the paintings and graphics of mid 20th century. We have works by the "troublemakers" in the art of this time, the "Nonconformists", by representatives of "Severe Style", as well as paintings by classics of Social Realism.
Along with the works of great masters there are quite a considerable number of paintings by little-known artists in the collection of the gallery. The staff of the gallery shares the idea of art consultants, collectors and gatherers that higher artistic achievements are impossible without proper basis, without the "background", i.e. without the works by authors, whom art historians often overlook or deign to only a cursory mention. That is why, the art critics of the gallery are in the constant search of works by artists of the "second sort", who, despite being not the most significant in the art, still have something interesting. So, within the collection a remarkable group of partially-forgotten works of the authors has developed, significantly supplementing the usual picture of the development of Russian art.
Particularly exciting for the gallery is the search of works that have disappeared from sight, but continue intriguing collectors because of references in the old exhibition catalogs and reproductions in various art publications. Finding such works or information about them in the ocean that is the antique market is one of the primary tasks of the gallery. This is accomplished with the help of a great personal fine arts library, systematic visits to museums and exhibitions, as well as intercourse with art historians, restorers and collectors.
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